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About Us


At Outreach Projects Private Limited, our mission is to catalyze positive change by implementing innovative and impactful green projects. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future through our expertise in improved cookstoves, agroforestry, and other carbon credit initiatives. With a passion for environmental stewardship, we strive to empower communities, reduce carbon emissions, and drive sustainable development.



We are committed to fostering ecological balance and preserving our planet's resources for generations to come. Our projects prioritize long-term environmental sustainability.


We embrace creative solutions that challenge the status quo and advance the field of green project implementation. Our team continuously seeks innovative approaches to maximize positive impact.


We believe in the power of partnerships. Collaborating with communities, organizations, and experts allows us to co-create solutions that address environmental challenges holistically.


Open communication and transparency are fundamental to our operations. We provide clear and accurate information about our projects, processes, and outcomes.


We measure our success by the positive impact we have on both the environment and the communities we serve. Our projects are designed to generate tangible and measurable results.

Green Investment Opportunities Leading To Community Development

We offer tailored opportunities for individuals and organizations to invest in impactful green projects. These investments not only generate positive environmental outcomes but also provide financial returns. Join us in making a difference while contributing to a greener future and ethical financial growth.

At Outreach Projects, we don't just deliver services; we create solutions that drive lasting change. Our projects are designed to maximize environmental, social, and economic benefits, making us your trusted partner in building a sustainable tomorrow.

Explore the possibilities with us and embark on a journey that fosters sustainability, innovation, and positive impact. Together, we can make a significant difference for our planet and future generations.

Our vision and mission lie in empowering the lives, enriching the culture, and creating the wonderful communities. If your dream matches with our passion, let’s connect and work together to bring the visible change. With our vast experience, we provide assistance for your ambitious projects not only with services and expertise, but also interested in investing for forestry and social transformation projects.

Our nature-based solutions projects work in diverse settings to help build community resilience against natural hazards. Our projects are partnered, supported and funded by experts and local stakeholders.



Cultivate Change, Capture Carbon

Our agroforestry projects combine cultivation with conservation, creating thriving ecosystems that sequester carbon and restore lands. Join us in combatting climate change while fostering economic opportunities for local communities. Discover the power of agroforestry – where sustainability and carbon credits grow hand in hand.

Clean Cookstove

Cleaner Cooking, Brighter Futures

Experience the transformative power of clean cooking technologies that improve lives and safeguard the environment. Our improved cookstoves solutions go beyond reducing indoor air pollution – they ignite a wave of positive change for households and communities. Discover how innovation in cooking can lead to healthier families, reduced emissions, and sustainable energy for all.

Solar Lantern

Illuminating Paths, Brightening Lives

Illuminate a brighter future with our solar lanterns. Designed for areas without electricity, these lanterns bring dependable and eco-friendly lighting to communities. Experience the professionalism of sustainable solutions that enhance safety, enable study, and elevate livelihoods. Join us in lighting up lives and fostering positive change, together.

Solar Water Pump

Harnessing Sunlight, Elevating Lives

Our solar water pump solutions bring the sun's energy to life, providing reliable water access for agriculture and communities. With gratitude for nature's gifts, we empower progress, reduce costs, and nurture growth. Experience the simplicity and power of solar, as we humbly work towards a brighter, sustainable future together.

Household Biodigesters

Harnessing Waste for Renewable Energy

Our household biodigester solutions are designed to transform waste into clean energy, reducing environmental impact and improving the quality of life for communities.

Clean Water Access

Purity Flows, Lives Flourish

Ensuring access to clean water is a fundamental mission. Our solutions bring safe and pure water to communities, promoting well-being and dignity. With professionalism, we strive to create a world where every drop counts in fostering health, growth, and lasting change.

SDG's Linked To Our Projects

SDG's Linked To Our Projects

Why Us


Plantation: 1000 hectare

Species planted: 15 species

Carbon Sequestrated: 20,000 tCO2e


Beneficiary count: 100K

Emission reduced: 94,000 tCO2e

Wood savings: 43 million kg of firewood      saved

Women empowered: 20K

Awareness Climate Change

Attendees: 100K +

Webinars: 100 +

Capacity building activity: 50 +

Our Footprints For The Plantation Projects


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